Refreshing Ways to Get Your Home Holiday Ready! - Specialized Painting Service
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Refreshing Ways to Get Your Home Holiday Ready!

Specialized Painting Service

Refreshing Ways to Get Your Home Holiday Ready!

The holidays are quickly approaching and the same old wall color may showing signs of wear. Fading paint, walls splashed with last year’s party spills, the dog’s contribution of wet fur wiped on the hall wall, and sticky hand prints can make you wince if you really look in the light. What will the neighbors think at your next holiday party? Here lives the duller than dull family. Even the holiday lights can’t muster a reflection off the lackluster wall color!

What can be done about this deplorable and disappointing home decor color?The first issue to address is related to cleanliness. Have you washed your walls? News flash! Your walls need to be wiped down with a warm water solution of a drop of dish soap, at least once a year. Clean the dust, grease, grime, dog and cat hair, and anything else that may be sticking to your walls and dulling the surface of paint.

Perhaps it is a time to refresh. Breathe new life into your winter weather digs for the next 4 months. Consider the high traffic areas and the bathrooms as good places to start. Then look at your kitchen. Do you have grease and water stains on the walls, or missed trash can throws stuck in tiny pieces behind the can? Time to let the sunshine in!

Now is the perfect time to refresh and renew the paint. This time of year, children are in school while the paint is applied. You may want to change the mood of your family or living room to reflect a new period of your life. Timing is everything. Picture your neighbors or family ringing the doorbell, ready to walk in and enjoy your shiny new paint vibe!

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